What are we selling?

The following is included in the sales price:

. The property: Though not big, located on one of the most desirable locations of the city and the coast.

. The interior complete with all the equipment (for an inventory please go to the ‘inventory’ page).

. A proven business that has matured out of the ‘start up’ phase and has over the years become a smooth running machine and easy to work in environment with all the initial issues of a start up already resolved.

In short you are buying a successful and respected business that runs perfectly, and which will require no other initial costs!

What kind of business are we?

Mamacita is a seasonal take-away business located by the beach in Ostend. We aim to serve quality soul-food in a friendly and cool ambiance.

What do we serve?

In the four years we have been open for business the menu has changed a lot. Many things were added and some removed again, but through trial and error we finally came to a menu that suits most people and works very well!
Sandwiches, wraps and panini’s are, for example, some of the things on our menu. But we’re probably most famous for our burgers, pastas and burritos. We find that the burgers and pastas are especial favorites and the reason for returning customers (even though we are a seasonal business). Evidence of this can be found in the many positive reviews on our facebook page (find the link at the bottom of the page).
Our vegetarian and vegan options also provide us with a steady clientele of herbivores who otherwise have few options here in the city.

What does working the season mean?

Well, in short it means we only work 5 to 6 months a year! We open shortly before the Easter holidays and close up somewhere in September (depending on the weather).
There are some obvious up-sides to the season (namely a lot of holiday —if you choose not to work through the winter). Though the flip side of that coin there are the many hours and long busy days of the season.Depending on the month and the weather we are often open 7 days a week, and easily work up to 12 hours a day.

Why do we close for the winter? What other options are there?

As I mentioned before, Mamacita is a take-away business, which in our case means that we have no place to sit whatsoever. So when autumn comes and then winter, and the visitors diminish, sales go down as we offer no shelter for people to comfortably eat.
In my case (I run the business mainly by myself), I travel during the winter. When in September I start selling out and eventually close up shop for the cold months I start planning my trip to the Southern hemisphere where I soak up the sun and relax for a few months. But there are other options:

For example:

– You have a well equipped kitchen at your disposal, so you could do deliveries to businesses during the winter or all year round.
– Or, you could run a catering service.
– Another options would be to expand.

Expansion! Next door to Mamacita there is another property. This property is not ours, but we rent it (we run another shop there with toys, souvenirs and beachwear). Though we can not sell you the property (it isn’t ours to sell), we can give you the option to expand Mamacita into that property.

Why Expand?

To expand the business would mean having space for customers to dine indoors. This would partially solve the problem of attracting clients in the wintertime and would also make for greater profit during the summer.

And if you’re feeling really industrious you could run the take-away, expand it into a proper restaurant and deliver/cater on the side!

For more information about the second property please go to the contact page and write us a message.

Costs, turnover and profit!

For more information about the financial exploitation of the business, please write us a message.

More information?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through the contact page.

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