Refrigerators and Freezers

3 x Liebherr Display fridge, 365L (for cooling drinks)

1 x Combisteel HR400 Fridge, 400L (for food)

1 x Combisteel HR200 Fridge (table model, for food)

1 x Pelican Cooled Worktop, 3 doors (koelwerkbank, for food)

1 x Combisteel HF 200 Freezer (table model, for ice cream)

1 x Diamond N200/F Freezer (table model, for ice cream)

1 x Liebherr Sn-T 263L Freezer (various)

2 x Bosch GSN58AW35 360L Freezer (various)

1 x Pelican Cooled Salad bar 9 x GN 1/3

1 x Pelican Cooled Salad bar 6 x GN 1/3

1 x MyCornetto dICE, for making Soft Ice (brand: Cornetto)

Cooking and Heating

1 x Diamond Pasta boiler GN ½ – 200mm, Top model

1 x Diamond Bain-marie GN 1/1 – 150mm, Top model

3 x Caterchef Induction plates, 3500w, Top model

1 x Unox Hot Air oven, Anna, Manual

1 x Diamond GR82 Contact Grill, Heavy Duty

1 x Hendi 203149, Griddle, Blue Line


Custom made stainless steel worktops

Wide range of GN-stainless steel receptacles

Towels and aprons

Cutlery, knives, cutting boards, ladles, etc.

Pots and pans, etc.

2 x ShopStop boards for attracting customers